Mobilization & defense of social housing

© Fernando Calderón

Our mobilization actions are carried out, among other things, by information campaigns through the distribution of pamphlets and popular education pamphlets in buildings, by posters, through manifestations in the street, and by media outings in order to pressure on the various government levels to demand concrete measures to improve the condition of tenants.

As an active member of the Coalition of Housing Committees and Tenants Associations of Quebec (RCLALQ) and the Popular Action Front in Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU), the ŒIL-CDN, in collaboration with members, campaigns for:

The establishment of rent control
Through a campaign to gather support for our demands from community organizations, unions, and student associations. Through demonstrations against the rise in the cost of rents and against real estate speculation and foreign investment.

Countering the housing crisis 
Put pressure upon the Quebec government to put in place structuring measures to improve the rental stock and guarantee the tenants access to healthy housing, large enough and at a reasonable cost.

Protection of the existing rental stock and the right to remain on the premises
Through media outings and visibility actions during the lease renewal period to counter “renovictions”

Counter discrimination
Partner with the groups that are directly concerned in order to speak out against discrimination during the search for an apartment. In particular by reinforcing the process of complaint handling concerning racism and discrimination, by better informing the public on the complaints process. By demanding more coercive discrimination laws from governments.

Elimination of unsanitary housing
By asking our governments to establish a housing code and to intervene more quickly by city inspectors.

Protection of our senior tenants
By multiplying the actions taken against the financial abuse perpetrated by RPA owners with their additional service charges

Helping female tenants who have overcome assault
Wield pressure upon the Quebec government to reduce the complexity of the remedies available to women who have been victims of assault. Reduce delays in obtaining an administrative housing court hearing to avoid escalation of violence. Reduce and increase lodging resources in order to avoid the risk of homelessness.

On the defense of social housing

The shortage of affordable housing is increasing. The transformation of co-ownership, speculation, and tourist housings are some of the causes. More and more tenants are having trouble paying their rent. Some tenants must come to terms with living in very small or unsanitary accommodation.

We believe that the solution lies within social housing. We insist that the Government of Quebec obtain massive investments in the development of new social housing projects. We believe in denouncing the commodification of housing and highlighting the “socialization” of the rental stock.